Snapshots: Creed II

Snapshots are extra short reviews. Everything you need to know, nothing you don’t.

It was the fight we knew would happen from the start. Ever since the first film was announced, it was inevitable that Adonis Creed would be destined to avenge his father Apollo, who was killed by the hands of Soviet boxer Ivan Drago.  

If you had seen Rocky IV and the first Creed, then you knew every beat of the sequel before the premise was even announced. In Creed II, Donnie faces the challenge of Ivan’s son Viktor, who was raised for the sole purpose of restoring his father’s namesake and glory, after Ivan’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Rocky Balboa.

I feel as though Creed II deserves nothing other than a short “snapshot” review, because if you enjoyed the first Creed, then Creed II is everything you expected, nothing more or less. The plot points are familiar, the climax and conclusion can be seen coming from a mile away, and the film as a whole is every bit as raw and gritty as it’s predecessor. It is no doubt thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless, and does have a few slight unexpected merits. For one, the fighting cinematography has been updated to feature new digital effects which serves to enhance the already raw violence between Donnie and Viktor. The tension between these two is surprisingly strong, and although I expected this going into the theaters, the excellent editing and direction amplify this intensity a bit more than anticipated. Ivan and Viktor also have a very powerful father/son dynamic that goes slightly beyond the typical “hard ass dad” portrayal seen in similar film premises. The evolution of their relationship ends on a note that was a tad different than what I had presupposed, which overall help round out the movie in a more satisfying manner.

I needn’t say more. If you liked the first Creed, you’ll enjoy this one. If the first film wasn’t your favorite, Creed II won’t win you over. The plot delivers no poignant left hooks, there are no particularly heart clinching character arcs, but Creed II is still a winner as a solid and satisfying story of triumph over adversity. 6.9/10