Snapshots: Brewster McCloud

So, this movie exists. It’s a Robert Altman movie with the tagline: “Something Else” from the Director of M*A*S*H. The movie opens with the MGM lion roaring, except instead of roaring, he says, “I forgot the opening line.” Then we cut to an insane bird professor (pictured above at the height of his derangement).

What is this movie, you may ask? Part comedy, part crime drama, part nature lesson, it’s about Brewster (Bud Cort) who tries to become a bird and kills off terrible people with his partner Louise, while a cop named ‘Shaft’ hunts them down. Their calling card is bird poop in the victim’s eye. Politics, unrequited love, and absurdity abound. And each character acts like a bird that corresponds to their personality. AND IT ENDS WITH A CIRCUS!!

A better question is, why is this movie? Because why not? Robert Altman does what he wants, and the world is zanier for it. But should you watch it? Well, if you want to see a comedy, and afterwards be able to say, ‘I’ve literally never seen anything like this’, then absolutely watch it. But if you want your movie to make sense or be familiar, or if you’re disturbed by the cover picture, then stick with M*A*S*H.