Snapshots: Knives Out

I’m keeping the review short, because the movie is a murder mystery, and I don’t want to give anything away. This movie works on every level, and I cannot emphasize how worth your time it is.

— It’s an original concept. It’s not a sequel, franchise, toy line, amusement park ride, or comic book adaptation. It’s NEW!

— The cast is insane. Jamie Lee Curtis, Daniel Craig, Toni Collette, Michael Shannon, Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, Christopher Plummer, LaKeith Stanfield, Jamie Lee Curtis… And not a single weak link. It’s astonishing.

— It’s a dark comedy, and nearly every joke lands. Even with dramatic moments (which also land), it’s a fun movie, plain and simple.

— The plot is twisted enough for diehard fans of murder mysteries, straightforward enough for casual moviegoers, and self-aware enough for critics

— It addresses hot-button issues head-on, rather than avoid them altogether. Politics, racism, greed, power, family dysfunction… all of them are highlighted, exaggerated, and milked for maximum comic value.

After listening to the impeachment hearings for two weeks, I’m stunned by this movie. I’m stunned that a story about a quarreling family with differing political views is such a breath of fresh air. I’m even more surprised that this movie is getting a wide release. I thought for sure that Disney had ruined the theater-going experience by driving their competitors to online streaming. Glad I was wrong. Don’t bother with Frozen 2 – stick it to the mouse and watch Daniel Craig do a Southern accent.