AI Writes a Martin Scorsese Movie

This isn’t real cinema

OSCARS! To celebrate our boi Marty getting a whopping 10 nominations for The Irishman, we decided to write a stereotypical Martin Scorsese movie with the help of our friend Botnik. Enjoy!

The hospital ‘s death prompts an angry man named James to find meaning in New York City. He begins a romance with police lieutenant Madolyn Bickle, and meets a small-time loan shark named Jesus. The women make him crazy, the prisoners die, and drug dealing Henry Hill complains that his brother Jake LaMotta should stop prostituting his credibility.

With a pike and a mortgage, James inevitably procures a desperate monk named Father Garupe. He leaves for Amsterdam, and easily gets into an argument with the club. Meanwhile in the back of their van, ominous Italian Jesuit priests are killed. Mafia.

The next day, con artist Vallon overhears that James is neither a woman nor an alleyway. However, his son Hugo recognizes a member of the Teamsters and disowns himself. Riots break out just as the mob kidnaps the police, and Howard Hughes quickly becomes a successful comedian. Despite the fact that Jake crosses the union, he befriends Teddy Daniels and buys him a lighthouse.

After attempting to find an Irish Catholic doctrine, James inevitably visits John the Baptist. However, Teddy Daniels and his new partner Rupert Pupkin abandon the lighthouse and press charges, which offends the Dalai Lama. Despite having cocaine, Frank Costello gives the Dalai Lama a good house with a hot girl, and James decides to sober up and shoots himself.

It turns out, Jake LaMotta is not the Messiah, and kills his own casino manager Don Ward. Jordan Belfort falls in love with Madolyn and the two argue furiously. The Teamsters convince Father Garupe to renounce his films, fearing retaliation from the Gambinos. But James returns, and is ultimately Jimmy Hoffa.