Snapshots: For Your Consideration

Being a fan of comedies and movies about movie-making, I was surprised I hadn’t heard of For Your Consideration until recently. It’s a 2006 film from Christopher Guest, whose specialty is mockumentaries – notably This is Spinal Tap, which he co-wrote and co-starred in. True to form, the movie is a ruthless, quirky, and laugh-out-loud satire of Oscarbait and Hollywood vanity.

The story follows a crew making an Academy-Award-worthy drama called ‘Home for Purim’ – the premise of which is hysterically cliché on its own. The crew includes: the self-obsessed leading lady, the actor whose agent ‘sincerely values him as a client’, the ditzy producer, the lovers playing siblings, the offbeat director (Guest himself). Not to mention Ricky Gervais showing up and saying: ‘we need to change the plot of the movie, it’s a little too Jewish’.

And for some delightful reason, as shown in the picture above: Fred Willard and Jane Lynch as co-hosts on a TV show. A pairing that, on its own, is worth the price of admission. And also this scene below, among many many others. It’s a hysterical revolving door of cameos, gags, and caricatures – what better way to escape the craziness of the world than by diving into the craziness of another world, right?