Snapshots: Save Yourselves!

Remember ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’?

Save Yourselves! is a dumb, funny, low-key, dumb alien invasion movie. Let me emphasize – it’s really dumb, I would literally say ‘this is so dumb’ every five minutes while laughing out loud. And I did laugh a lot. I think the news cycle really got to me this week, because even for cathartic escapism, the movie shouldn’t have been this funny.

Basically, aliens take over, but they’re little balls of fur called ‘poofs’ that only drink ethanol and swing like Tarzan with their tongues. Even writing that now, I can’t help but laugh. The protagonists are helpless millennials who are trying to disconnect from their phones (out in the woods obviously) when the invasion happens. They’re the stereotype of pointless, clueless, aimless young adults, but they’re so self-aware that it’s adorable. And it makes them a perfect match for the poofs, naturally. So if you’re like me and you just need an absurd respite from this year, watch this movie.