Snapshots: I Care a Lot

Rosamund Pike – a symbol of empowerment or evil?

I Care a Lot, a new feature film from Netflix, is… something else. It’s quite an experience, and it works best if you know very little going into it. Here’s my brief spoiler-free recap.

1 — It’s highly original. The movie starts off as one genre, but by the end of the first act, it’s morphed into another. The plot continues to twist and turn unpredictably, and ends with two bombshell twists five minutes before the credits roll. It’s a wild ride, and it’s the rare movie that actually lives up to the promise of: ‘you’ve never seen anything quite like it.’

2 — It’s intense. The soundtrack, the cinematography, the heart-wrenching montages, the premise… The characters are shockingly immoral, and the finale is comically unsatisfying. I’d argue there’s no real protagonist, and no easy answers to the problems the film exposes (which, dystopian as the central ‘con’ may seem, does indeed happen).

Bottom line: if you’re intrigued, I’d recommend watching it. This is not a Disney roller coaster movie; there’s no resolution, very little justice, and you’ll probably end up frustrated. But it’ll provoke you, it’ll make you think, and if nothing else, you’ll actually remember it when it’s over.