AI Writes a Thanksgiving Movie

So, most online lists of ‘Thanksgiving’ movies are actually just family movies, movies that take place in the fall, or Christmas movies… Not true Thanksgiving movies. But with the help of Botnik, we’ve managed to put together the quintessential Thanksgiving film from the limited selection of actual Thanksgiving movies that exist. Enjoy!

Movie Title: Charlie Brown, Krisha, and Automobiles Go Home for the Pieces of Cooking.

The family doesn’t want to invite April. but their daughter is their daughter, and Thanksgiving tradition is inevitable. If there’s one thing wrong about the holiday, it’s her. So, they attempt to cope with her New York, while she remembers each of their expectations.

Her mother, Peppermint Patty, decides not to eat, because her brother is secretly hungry. He had rented a car, which was inadvertently a turkey, and it drove him home. When he arrives, Patty forgives him, but they never speak again.

Her father, who had died, is starving. He travels downstairs and reminisces with Patty, and when she loudly berates him, he becomes Del Griffith. Needless to say, his holiday meal eats a pumpkin pie quietly, and he remains positive about the table. Then April burns the house, and her father mistakenly lives again.

Meanwhile, their son Snoopy throws a thanksgiving tradition: football! He claims he ‘s just keeping it warm, but nobody believes him, so he disqualifies himself. Tensions boil over like a cranberry potato, and all their friends invite themselves over for dinner.

Eventually though, April discovers that her oven is mashed, and the meal quickly turns to toast. Despite Thanksgiving, Steve Martin lands his car at the airport. Tradition and home learn to get along, and after Linus explains the true meaning of holiday, everyone turns to Christmas. Next year?