10 Reasons why The Power of the Dog Deserves Every Oscar Nomination Ever

#1: It’s a gay Western written and directed by a woman.

That about sums it up. But let’s keep going, shall we?

#2: It’s a deconstruction of toxic masculinity, both in how it treats the characters, and in how it subverts the Western genre

From the slightly palpable connection between the two male leads, to the underwhelming Old West vista-ry, this is an okay film that will leave you preferring Brokeback Mountain. But there’s no surprise that it left Hollywood preferring some Oscar nominations.

#3: They say the name of the film at one point

And it’s a Bible verse of all things. Checking all the boxes, I see… What an iconic feat.

#4: Jesse Plemons is amazing as the Pillsbury Cowboy

I have now run out of things to say about the film.

#5: Shameless plug for Dune, which genuinely deserves all its Oscar nominations

Not to mention the cast is actually diverse. The Power of the Dog is a great film about complex white men. Dune is a great film about humanity.

#6: I’m a huge fan of Godless

I got to thinking… If you want to watch a complex, thought-provoking, Oscar-worthy modern Western, then check out Godless, which is also on Netflix. It’s also more diverse, and more iconically ‘Old West’ than Dog Power, and it’s certainly more engaging to watch. Seriously, you’ll thank me afterwards.

#7: How on God’s green earth did Don’t Look Up get nominated for best picture??

It has a 56% critic’s rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 49% critic’s rating on Metacritic. THE CRITICS ARE THE ONES WHO NOMINATE MOVIES FOR BEST PICTURE!! WHAT??? WHO PICKED THIS???

Rating: Oscarbate / 10