AI Writes A ‘Halloween’ Movie

This was actually a promotional image for one of the moviesUmm… What?

It’s October! Apparently. And what better way to celebrate than with a tribute to the Halloween movie franchise? With the help of our AI friend Botnik, we’ve created the most Halloween movie ever. Enjoy!

Following the murder of October 31, Michael Myers is shot by another Michael Myers. The hospital staff have created a psychiatric facility with a tranquilizer, a boy, and a trap, but Michael slashes them. He falls underneath the hospital and reunites with former colleague Marion Chambers, who has been obsessed with finding Michael Myers.

Title: Halloween 14 – Michael Myers Ends Tonight

Meanwhile, Laurie Strode lives. And kills. And babysits. But she refuses to speak. Unless she discovers Michael Myers’s old bedroom and kills his mask. She tells him that death with his knife is still better than alive, and calls for help. But the street is dark, and darkness killed her granddaughter.

Meanwhile, Michael Myers is presumed dead, but is still killed again. That night, he follows Laurie to her childhood and stabs her hallucinations. Laurie is locked up, mutilated, and vengeful. She tells him that Laurie Strode lives, and that evil dies tonight. He reveals his plan: take the girls, find his body, and escape from 1978.

Suddenly, a pitchfork! The neighbors attack Michael Myers and throw his mother off the rooftop. Michael Myers stabs his teenage Deborah, who is also Laurie, and escapes unnoticed. But Laurie awakens and realizes that all the police officers are not Michael Myers, and she can’t continue terrorizing Haddonfield anymore.

As the town’s location is found, Michael Myers proceeds to strangle Laurie. But he mistakes her for Michael Myers and kills himself. Laurie awakens on top of an unconscious paramedic and reminisces about her childhood Halloween costume: a mask. A Michael Myers mask. She smiles and reveals that she is Jamie-Lee Curtis, and Michael Myers is her twin.