Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is Marvel’s Most Offensive Film Yet

Hello everyone – my name is Mario Charles Umberto Schill, and I’m a Marvel fan. Well, I was a Marvel fan for a while. But lately, Disney has been releasing one toxic film after the next, and man is their latest entry a sheer slap in the face to Marvel fans, the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies, and BIPOCs everywhere. Where to begin??

1: Chadwick Boseman isn’t in the film!

I know, I know, apparently he died. But Disney has brought back dead actors before. Why not now? Boseman is an icon for millions of black Americans, and excluding him from this film is an insult to his legacy, to the #BLM movement, and to civil rights activists around the world. Wow. Just wow.

2: They’re using the film to advertise other products!

I was shocked to discover that Disney isn’t just making money off the ticket sales. Oh no no no, apparently they’re making money off toys, clothes, posters, Funko pops… Even Sprite and Rihanna are getting in on the action. Absolutely disgraceful. It’s like, it’s not enough for Disney to just make an empowering work of art to uplift and celebrate black people. This is a cash grab plain and simple, and I won’t stand for it. I thought Disney was better than this… SMH…

3: The casting is racially insensitive!

I was aghast when I learned that Disney cast white people in this film. How dare they! And as if that weren’t bad enough, they did not cast every working black actor and actress in Hollywood! Sure, the cast is predominantly black, but I expected every black actor and actress – heck, every black celebrity to make a cameo, without any white ones. So Disney absolutely dropped the ball on that front.

4: Not to mention anti-LGBTQIA+!

This one really takes the cake. How can Disney claim to be an ally if most of the characters are cisgender and implicitly straight? Is it asking too much to want Black Panther: Queens of Wakanda? So what if it deviates from the comics? We need a predominantly queer Marvel film once and for all, and we needed it yesterday.

I could probably list more problematic elements, but I literally walked out of the theater with a panic attack, because I was so utterly traumatized by how non-inclusive and insensitive the movie was. Shame on you, Disney. Shame on you.

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