M3GAN is Iconic Blumhouse Candy

It’s 2023 bitches, and we’re off to a roaring start with M3GAN (pronounced muh-THREE-gan). M3GAN is a creepy robotic doll who goes on a killing rampage, a la Chucky or Annabelle. And mark my words, M3GAN will quickly and permanently become an icon of American movie culture.

The film is classic candy-colored Blumhouse horror-comedy-tainment – other entries include Freaky and the Happy Death Day series. It’s ridiculous, it’s pastel-colored, it’s quirky, it’s spooky, it’s hysterical, and it’s just a good time. It’s like a pack of Sour Patch Kids. Probably not the best for you, but it tastes great in the moment.

The film is the brainchild of television writer Akela Cooper (American Horror Story, The 100) and legendary horror director James Wan (Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring…). Together, they’ve crafted a film that feels almost like a Saturday morning cartoon. It’s completely disposable and never takes itself too seriously – everything about it is over the top, flawlessly executed, and just plain fun.

Shout-out to the special effects department. Dayum…

Even the scares aren’t really scary so much as jaw-dropping and bizarre, like when the doll randomly starts singing Titanium. And it’s fucking amazing. You won’t be closing your eyes often, but you will be saying ‘what the fuck’ every other scene. Even though the actual plot is pretty basic and predictable, I was never bored with the execution because it’s so campy and balls-to-the-walls absurd.

So yeah – I didn’t have high hopes for the film, especially since it’s a January release, a notoriously shit time for new release. And it’s not the sort of film that’ll win any awards for anything really, because it’s not sErIOuS CIneMa. But it’s hella entertaining, and I loved it.

Rating: Fuck it. 10/10