Do we really need more of these?

Hey hey bitches. I haven’t seen all of these btw, and I don’t want to. Go ahead and use my reviews to legitimize not seeing them yourselves, you fucking sheeple.


Adam Driver plus bad everything else equals missed opportunity.

Creed 23

Do we really need more of these?

Cocaine Bear

Apparently it didn’t live up to the insanity of the title, which is a letdown, because it sounded fucking awesome – RIP.

Shazam 7: Vengeance of the Lightning

Do we really need more of these?


A claustrophobic tour de-Foe of the highest order, what a fucking masterpiece, aka the only good thing on this list.

Hello Tomorrow!

Great world, non-existent plot, clunky characters, and literally no hook other than ‘it’s the 60s but HigH-TeCh’.


Do. We. Really. Need. More. Of. These?

Dungeons and Dragons: Cringe Among Adults

Apparently it hits it’s mark: a live-action D&D session made for D&D fans and literally nobody else.