Should I Review Beau is Afraid?

I’m not sure whether to stand in SoLiDAritY with WriTerS and not write a review. I feel for them, but also, a lot of writing for a lot of shows is absolute shit. Same goes for movies. Even the acclaimed “well-written” ones like Succession, Ted Lasso, and Severance are overhyped, pretty mediocre, mostly unfunny, and honestly poorly written. So I don’t feel tooooo bad…

And as for Stranger Things season 5 being delayed? Oh darn…

Unpopular opinion – if AI can write better than people, maybe it should replace them. Just sayin’. Think I’m wrong? I’m going to review ‘Beau is Afraid’ using pictures generated by AI, and you’ll see how fucking insane AI is. I’m legit looking forward to a future of surreal, absurd, truly original content made by AI. Not the uninspired, bland shit currently being churned out by self-aggrandizing, insecure, “creative human talent”.

For the record, my boy Ari Aster is actually creative. He can keep his job haha.

Surreal paranoid paint drinker.
Surreal theater troupe in the woods.
Surreal Jewish guilt PTSD nightmare.
Surreal street chaos plus bad news UPS driver.
Another surreal street chaos plus bad news UPS driver.
Surreal Joaquin Phoenix wins an Oscar.
Surreal indie movie fever dream.
Another surreal indie movie fever dream.
Another surreal indie movie fever dream (God I love this AI).
Surreal Ari Aster movie about taboo topics.
Surreal movie similar to Midsommar and Hereditary but more Jewish.
Dick Monster. Okay, so it’s not perfect, but still more memorable than most human-generated garbage.