About Us

12 Angry Men, United Artists (1957)

What is “The Master Shots”?

None of the team at The Master Shots can figure out where the idea for our community first came from. We aren’t film experts; at our core, we’re just a group of movie geeks who spend about as much time thoroughly examining a film as we do watching it. Ranging from collaboratively discovering hidden meaning in imagery, to engaging in heated debate about how much a movie totally sucked, all of our founding members share a common love of cinema’s ability to portray truly meaningful stories, deep characterizations, and powerful visuals.

Of course, our interests in film don’t make us a unique fragment of society. Scour the internet and you’ll find a myriad of thought provoking video essays that’ll cover anything from a broad explanation of early 70’s cinematic aesthetics, to Martin Scorsese’s use of copious dolly zooms. Dig into countless fan fiction subreddits to discover unique ideas for movie sequels or spin offs. Shared creative energy and a common love of cinema is now more evident than ever, but we never felt there was a unique community that brought these ideas together in a simple, accessible manner.

That’s how The Master Shots formed as a concept: an ever-growing community of creators, dedicated to sharing a vast array of cinematic insights. We consolidate anything that involves creatively expanding on film culture, whether it be a review for an obscure movie that may deserve more attention, to an original screenplay concept. The Master Shots is a conduit for this broad range of individual works.

We hope to expand The Master Shots into a network of authors and artists. We offer the ability for contributors to publish reviews, analyses, special insights, or even sketches for original movie storyboards. While we have general categories set in stone, we’re an ever-changing community, always open to new ideas and building upon constructive feedback.

A Master Shot is often one of the core, most critical components of a film. It is inherently broad in visual terms, but provides clear narrative and tonal direction for an audience. We at The Master Shots aim to do the same for fellow creators: provide a broad, film-based network for sharing original focused ideas and imaginative works.