Screenplays And Concepts

Fake It Till You Make It – Burnt Orange

A comic murder mystery that takes place on the set of a game show.

The Monte Carlo Project – Burnt Orange

A company is testing out a new, top-secret drug that lets you see the future by visiting parallel realities…

Youth In Asia – Burnt Orange

A dark comedy set in an alternate reality where euthanasia has been legalized.

Disruptive Paradigms – Burnt Orange

A screwball comedy about a business that sells emergencies (technically, they’re ‘risk preparedness packages’). It’s a satire of corporate America, written by somebody who spends 40 hours a week in an office space.

Evolightenment – Burnt Orange

A sci-fi version of Richard Linklater’s Slacker. With no discernible plot, it follows the random, comic happenings of a near-future city as it wanders from one random set of characters to the next.

Messiah Complex Inc. – Burnt Orange

A pseudo-documentary about a 21st-century messiah running for president in the 2020 election. Many of the key events are inspired by the life of Jesus, but considerable artistic license was taken in adapting them to a modern context

Encapsulated Season 1 – Burnt Orange

A 10-part mini-series about invisible barriers that divide society – literally. One day, without warning, force-fields appear around the world and trap people in ‘Zones’ that they can’t escape from. Each episode is an independent story with all-new characters. The focus is on the barriers and how they shape the politics, religions, economics and relationships of society.

Encapsulated Season 2 – Burnt Orange

A 9-part mini-series, independent from season 1, about the Mind-Scape: a digital representation of your mind. The series follows the Mind-Scape’s progression from novelty to mainstream to controversial, with an all new set of characters in each episode.

Encapsulated Season 3 – Burnt Orange

A 10-part mini-series about an alien ‘invasion’: the aliens are just happy copies of everyone, and they follow people around saying ‘mrr mrr mrr…’ Frustration and confusion ensue as people try to cope with their arrival.

Twilight Zone Episodes – Burnt Orange

Antibody – A coronavirus-themed original episode

The Isolated – An adaptation of The Lonely

Mortal Consideration – An adaptation of Escape Clause

Everybody’s Gone at Last – An adaptation of Where is Everybody? and Time Enough at Last

Breakable – Another adaptation of Escape Clause