Screenplays And Concepts

Fake It Till You Make It
A comic murder mystery that takes place on the set of a game show.

The Monte Carlo Project
A company is testing out a new, top-secret drug that lets you see the future by visiting parallel realities…

Youth In Asia
A dark comedy set in an alternate reality where euthanasia has been legalized.

Disruptive Paradigms
A screwball comedy about a business that sells emergencies (technically, they’re ‘risk preparedness packages’).

A sci-fi version of Richard Linklater’s Slacker.

Messiah Complex Inc.
A pseudo-documentary about a 21st-century messiah running for president in the 2020 election.

Encapsulated Season 1
A mini-series about invisible barriers that divide society – literally. One day, without warning, force-fields appear around the world and trap people in ‘zones’ that they can’t escape from.

Encapsulated Season 2
A mini-series about a new technology called the Mind-Scape: a digital representation of your mind.

Encapsulated Season 3
A mini-series about an alien ‘invasion’: the aliens are just happy copies of everyone, and they follow people around saying ‘mrr mrr mrr…’

Encapsulated Season 4
A mini-series about two parallel ‘modern Moses’ stories, each with their own set of plagues…

Encapsulated Season 5
A mini-series about eight randomly selected humans who are competing to replace God.

Twilight Zone Episodes

Antibody – A coronavirus-themed original episode

The Isolated – An adaptation of The Lonely

Mortal Consideration – An adaptation of Escape Clause

Everybody’s Gone at Last – An adaptation of Where is Everybody? and Time Enough at Last

Breakable – Another adaptation of Escape Clause